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Books & Essays

Finding the Circle in the Square: A Neoplatonic Interpretation of Kazimir Malevich’s Black Square

This is the thesis I wrote for my master's in Art History and Visual Culture. I have spent most of my life oscillating between creative and intellectual pursuits. While I have spent much of my personal time cultivating my art practice, this thesis is the most complete work I have ever created. Click on the image below to view the pdf.


Engineering Humanity: An Analysis of the Theory and History of the Russian Avant-Garde

I wrote this essay for an independent study on the Russian avant-garde. Click on the image below to view the pdf.

Design Book

An Aesthetic 0.2: 
Art, Artist, and Artwork


This book is the first in a series about my personal aesthetic, creative philosophy, and current work. Click the image below to purchase.


The Taste by Which They Are to Be Appreciated: Egypt, Greece, and Canons of Proportion

I wrote this essay for a course on ancient art. Click on the image below to view the pdf.

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