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Installations & Exhibitions

This page contains photographs of my various installations and exhibitions. Although all of my works are individual pieces, I tend to think in terms of creating an overall aesthetic for a space. When conceiving of my pieces, I consider them in terms of how they will look next to one another, and how they can be used to fill space in unique ways. 

This show was a collaboration between myself and one of my first ceramics mentors, Heidi Loewen. It was held at her gallery, Heidi Loewen Fine Art, in Santa Fe, NM. I first began working with Loewen when I was seventeen years old. At the time, I was freshly out of the Oxbow School in CA, and pretty clueless on how I would actually graduate high-school and where I could continue to practice ceramics. A friend recommended I talk to Loewen, who ended up helping me out with instruction and studio space until I was able to graduate and get into University. Loewen and myself have maintained a friendship over the years and have co-taught many classes. Our exhibition was titled The Gold That Binds Us and marks the 20th anniversary of our friendship. 

This show was a quick pop-up at Farahnheight Gallery in Santa Fe in late July, 2023. It was a collaborative exhibition between myself and one of my best friends, Brian Taaffe-Cordova. Due to it overlapping with my show in Canyon, TX, I had to make all new work for this exhibition. I was also asked to focus on ceramic work; so with the exception of a few Gold painted prints, everything I made for this show was clay. In total, I had five weeks to create this show. Although it was an absolutely insane five weeks, I pushed myself to new levels and created some very interesting work. Working with this type of time constraint was liberating because I didn't have to second guess myself. I only had time to create and get lost in process, which is my favorite place to be.  

This was my first major solo exhibition outside of New Mexico. Through a very unexpected series of events, I became friends with a handful of faculty members at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, TX. Shortly after finishing my master's degree in Art History and Visual Culture, I was invited to participate in the Space Between conference, which they hosted in June, 2023. They were also gracious enough to let me hang an exhibition of my work in the atrium of their art building during the conference. While I had originally thought it would be a pop-up show for the duration of the event, they ended up extending the exhibition for a few months. While this was an amazing opportunity, it meant that I had to make an entire new body of work for another show I had agreed to do in Santa Fe in July, 2023. This ended up being a great impetus to make new work and get back to some techniques I had let fallow. The art crew at WTAMU are some of my favorite people and a source of much inspiration.

Left: This was a small install at Addison Rowe Gallery in May 2023. I enjoy how these bowls can be used to fill different spaces; even awkward corners can come to life.

Right: This was another test installation at Addison Rowe Gallery in late September 2022. It was the first time I incorporated both my paintings and ceramics in an installation. Seeing these two expression work so well together opened up a whole new area of creative possibilities.

This was my installation of bowls with Addison Rowe Gallery at Art on Paper in September 2022. It was my first time showing these pieces in NYC and the response was great. Having grown up around work by the Transcendental Painting Group it was a joy to have my pieces share a space with them. I think of myself as continuing what they started, and having our work share a visual space helped bring that ideal to life.  

This was a test install at Addison Rowe Gallery in July 2022. The bowls in this picture span the entire course of developing this style.  They are also featured in my book An Aesthetic 0.2.

First installation

This is the first installation of my wall-hanging bowls. It is currently in the residence of the couple who commissioned me to start making this style of bowl in early 2020. It spans approximately 62 x 96 inches. Photo courtesy of Aaron Harris

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